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Established in 1998 in Richmond, British Columbia, Laura Galloway Design possesses a vast array of graphic design, communication and creative skills that will benefit any project. Our graphic design studio has worked with a diverse range of clients throughout the region, and we have the experience necessary to ensure that your project’s requirements are met comprehensively, creatively, cost effectively, and on schedule.


For over 15 years, Laura Galloway Design has been providing a full range of graphic design services to public, private, and non-profit clients in Canada and the United States. Our experience in the pre‑press and printing industry gives us a rich understanding of the production process, helping to move your project from the planning, creative, and production stages right through to the delivery, quickly and smoothly.


As principal of this small graphic design studio, Laura Galloway provides graphic design, layout, production, copy writing, digital photography, and illustration services. With over 25 years of experience in the related fields of design, advertising and printing, Laura creates unique solutions for clients’ design and communication needs, with a design approach focused on organizing information and conveying messages in a coherent, clear and engaging style.



Creative Process


Your project has a goal, and our job is to bring creative solutions to communicate and reach your goal, to the right audience, on time, and within budget. For assignments both large and small, we work with your organization to ensure your communications project moves smoothly from concept to completion.


Good design doesn’t have to be expensive. Small budgets and impossible deadlines don’t scare us: often, it is the limitations themselves that help us to create new, exciting communications so that your message can reach your audience. Our experience means that we can help identify creative solutions quickly, produce the assets in an efficient manner, and deliver accurate results on time.


Whether your graphic design needs are small and simple, or complicated and long-term, we can work with you and your business to develop, create, produce, and deliver your message. Laura Galloway Design approaches creative projects with a focus on the end result: clean, clear, communication that is accurate, consistent, and conveys the appropriate tone to the intended audience. Organized, professional and appropriately-branded communications materials are the end result.


The approach that Laura Galloway Design uses to achieve this end is based on the following project management workflow, aligned with the creative process: Plan, Create, Produce, and Deliver.


Laura Galloway Design applies high standards of professionalism when it comes to working on creative projects with my clients.


We value:


• The trust our clients have in our creative services

• The expectation of privacy of our client’s business and projects

• The schedules and deadlines of our clients

• Our clients’ branding and need for consistency in communication

• The views, values and interests of the intended audience

• Our clients’ budgets

• Our clients’ time

• The needs and expectations of our clients



Value-added Services


In addition to solid graphic design skills, Laura Galloway Design can provide these additional services:


• Editing Services

• Proofreading

• Illustration

• Digital Photography

• Digital Printing Services

• Printing Liaison

• Scanning and Digital Photographic Retouching

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